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Can’t doctors diagnose acid reflux?
Is it HARD to diagnose?
Because I’ve had multiple people say all these problems sound like acid reflux.
But the doctors and what not suck and say NOTHING is really wrong with me.

Which is why I keep hoping this turns into something bad enough to kill me so it’s like ‘HAHA TOLD YOU MOTHER FUCKERS SOMETHING WAS WRONG’.

I can either eat and feel sick or not eat and continue to feel like my stomach is on fire.

Lose/Lose situation.

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Well fuck you too. I hate you anyway. You don’t deserve the woman you’re with, but I’m just glad she is happy with you.

So you must treat at LEAST her right.

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You are what you drink

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Naming Link Nootnoot was one of the best things I have ever done

If there was ever another female Dark Link RPer, I’m sure I’d get replaced lickety-split!

That moment where you just… WANT to talk to someone but you’re too afraid to.

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